Monday, 26 February 2007

My Three Wishes...

When I was a little kid, I used to write down wishes on bits of paper and put them under my pillow, or sometimes, hide them in odd places in the garden, for the fairies to find. I always half-expected that they would be gone in the morning, or that the paper would have gone blank or something like that. They didn't, but I still believed that the fairies had read them..

One time, just before my seventh birthday I think it was, I got a big shock, because under my wish on the piece of paper was another line, in sparkly gold writing, which said, ' Wish noted and filed. Action will be taken.'

And on my birthday, I got the thing I wished for--which happened to be a fairy princess doll, dressed in the most amazing dress that looked like it had been cut out of sky, and gleaming silver shoes. She had a wand, too, and a crown, and beautiful wings that looked like those of dragonflies. And there was a little card with her, in the same gold sparkly writing as before, which read, 'My name is Princess Celestine. I'm on a visit to your world, so please look after me.'

It was a doll like I'd never, ever seen in the shops, and for a long, long time I was sure it proved that fairies existed...

Anyway, I'm not a little kid any more, and I don't believe those sorts of things anymore. But I still like writing wishes down and seeing if they'll come true. This time, though, I'm not going to do it on a piece of paper, but on this blog. Just in case the fairies are up to date and read blogs these days instead of bits of paper!

These are my three wishes, oh Fairy Godmother of the Web:

1/To win the lottery so Aunt Jenny doesn't have to scrimp and save all the time and we can stop worrying about money;

2/To have something exciting happen to me, because I want to be a really good bestselling writer one day, and how can you be that, if nothing ever happens to you but going to school every day and hanging out with your friends on weekends;

3/A pair of silver shoes--and not the sort that dance you to death, or anything horrible like that, just a really nice pair of silver shoes that fit me perfectly and look really good. The sorts of shoes Princess Celestine had, but my size.

Thursday, 15 February 2007

This is it, then...

We were given this task at school, to start our own blog. It's for one of those English media exercises. Ms Bryce is really enthusiastic about it. She says it will show us how to manipulate a new media form. She says we don't have to worry about it, it's not like writing a story or an essay--more like writing a diary, except more creative.

And yes, except that your diary's private, too. This is out in public. Plus, we're all supposed to have a 'theme' for our blogs. I've chosen this theme--three wishes.
So, I'm going to ask this question: What would you wish for, if some fairy popped up in your life and offered you three wishes? And I'm going to ask my friends--and anyone out there who feels like contributing--what they would ask for, if they had three wishes..

Careful what you wish for, though. That's always the message in those old stories where someone gets given three wishes. Careful--don't say the first thing that pops into your head. Like the guy who asked for a plate of sausages first off, then his wife got really cranky with him for wasting a wish, so he yelled I wish a sausage would land on the end of your stupid nose! And well, it did--and then he had to waste his third wish of course, getting it off her nose! So there they were, no better off than before, except I suppose, they still had the rest of those sausages..

And then there's the one, I think it's in a story called the Monkey's Paw or something like that, where the old couple ask for money in their first wish and the next thing you know they hear their only son's been killed in a factory accident--and they're getting a lot of money as compensation. So after he's been buried the old lady goes a bit mad and wishes that he would come back to them--so of course up he comes out of his grave and his poor horrified father has to wish his son was back in his grave at rest..And they're not only worse off, they've gone through a really, really horrible time.

So be careful what you wish for. Remember that!