Thursday, 15 February 2007

This is it, then...

We were given this task at school, to start our own blog. It's for one of those English media exercises. Ms Bryce is really enthusiastic about it. She says it will show us how to manipulate a new media form. She says we don't have to worry about it, it's not like writing a story or an essay--more like writing a diary, except more creative.

And yes, except that your diary's private, too. This is out in public. Plus, we're all supposed to have a 'theme' for our blogs. I've chosen this theme--three wishes.
So, I'm going to ask this question: What would you wish for, if some fairy popped up in your life and offered you three wishes? And I'm going to ask my friends--and anyone out there who feels like contributing--what they would ask for, if they had three wishes..

Careful what you wish for, though. That's always the message in those old stories where someone gets given three wishes. Careful--don't say the first thing that pops into your head. Like the guy who asked for a plate of sausages first off, then his wife got really cranky with him for wasting a wish, so he yelled I wish a sausage would land on the end of your stupid nose! And well, it did--and then he had to waste his third wish of course, getting it off her nose! So there they were, no better off than before, except I suppose, they still had the rest of those sausages..

And then there's the one, I think it's in a story called the Monkey's Paw or something like that, where the old couple ask for money in their first wish and the next thing you know they hear their only son's been killed in a factory accident--and they're getting a lot of money as compensation. So after he's been buried the old lady goes a bit mad and wishes that he would come back to them--so of course up he comes out of his grave and his poor horrified father has to wish his son was back in his grave at rest..And they're not only worse off, they've gone through a really, really horrible time.

So be careful what you wish for. Remember that!


Portia said...

Hello, Rose! Your blog looks cool. I haven't even started mine yet. I can't think what theme to give it. Wish I could write fast like you. But here's my three wishes, anyway: I wish I had a perfect figure; I wish I had a photographic memory (would be real useful in exams); I wish MS wouldfall in love with me!

Alice said...

and hi from me too. I hate this assignment, trust you, Rosie, to like it!
and trust you, Portia, not to take any notice of 'careful what you wish for.' If Ms fell in love with you, that could be real bad--i mean he might get so jealous then he might want to kill you..and if you had a photogrphic memory ir whatever, you might see something real dangerouis and then that person might try and kill you too, and the perfect figure stuff, well who knows you might get so obsessed with it you could get anorexia or something..
i reckon i'd just say never mind the 3 wishes, i'll just have a magic wand, thanks cos then you'd have whatever you want all the time..and no tricks, either!
you didn't actually say, Rose what your 3 wishes would be, anyway. come on, that's not fair! tell us!

Madeleine said...

god, alice, you're such a drama queen! like, why should any of those bad things happen! and a magic wand--as if any fairy will give you that. that's cheatin', that is!
here's my wishes--i'd like to fly (not in a plane, more like a bird); i'd like to be able to speak at least five languages without having to go through all that boring stuff of learning them, and i'd like to live really well and happily.

Rose said...

thanks for the comments, you guys..i actually rather like writing on this blog though i don't have lots of time to write on it at the moment..i just like it because it's fun to write in it and it looks so good..i might even keep going with it even after we have to hand our assignment in..