Monday, 19 March 2007

pictures of food

Lots of people have asked me about the food here. It's brilliant, and I'm just eating and eating! This morning we went to the local market town, Castelnau, which is only 10 kms away(and the big town, Albi, is about 22 kms away). Anyway it was market day so I had a great time looking at everything. Above is some stuff people were selling--lots of different kinds of olives and some salted sardines. I just think they make everything look so beautiful, like a painting or something..

And above are some pictures of two gorgeous shops in Castelnau. The one just above is a cheese shop, full of every sort of cheese you can imagine, and the one on top is the most stupendous wonderful cake shop I ever saw in my life! And once again it all looks so beautiful, but not too beautiful to eat! It's like, perfect: looks fantastic, tastes fantastic. The icing's not too thick and sweet, it tastes light and full of flavour. We bought one of those deep pink cakes--it turned out to be the most beautiful and light cake, filled with the yummiest raspberry cream and iced with the same thing...Wow!


Portia said...

groan..groan..Rose..not fair, all that great food! Parcel some up and send it to us, PLEASE!

Madeleine said...

watch out rose you're gonna turn into a ten-ton Tessie with all that lush stuff! seriously, it sucks big-time, being here boring ourselves when you're having such a great time and filling your face!

Alice said...

i think i'll have that raspberry cake too..and that chocolate one as well, oh and that one over in the window too..
can't say i liked the look of the cheeses much though. mum bougt a french goat's cheese once, thought it was disgusting. and i don't think i'd like those salty sardines either., but the olives look cool..