Saturday, 28 April 2007

The Last Post

That sounds rather like that tune they play on Anzac Day, doesn't it? Really, though, what this is about is that is the last post I'll be doing on this blog, at least for a good long while. I've sort of lost my enthusiasm for it, after the things that have happened. Besides, I don't have much time.

This is also to tell everyone that things are OK, that I'm feeling OK now and that life is going on at the castle. I didn't get to have that birthday party because of--well, all the stuff. But I'm sure it will happen, one day, when everything's completely sorted out. Don't feel much like partying at the moment, just chilling out, really. Just taking it easy and trying to work out lots of things in my head..I've started writing about it all, in my notebook. Maybe one day I might feel like putting it up in public. Or maybe not. We'll see.

Anyway thanks to all my friends who have kept up with this. I hope to see you all soon. This is Rose, signing off.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For those of you who have only just discovered my blog, I suggest you go back right to the beginning, to the very first post I put up when all this started, back in February. Otherwise it won't make much sense to you. click here: That's the start of it. After that you just need to go to the 'Newer Post' link at the end of each page.


Madeleine said...

oh Rose that's a pity but we get well, you hear, girl? and we look forward to seeing you real, real soon

Portia said...

Yes I totally agree! We're all thinking of you and we hope you have a really really really good time from now on and no more problems at all. Take care, and see you very soon, lots of love, Portia

Alice said...

yes, we can't wait to see you! you must be sick of eating all those frogs legs and snails, hey, Rose? you get back here and get a good old Aussie burger into you, with all the works, pineapple and beetroot and all!! That'll make you feel heaps better, guaranteed! your best friend, Alice xxx